Special supplies in camping first aid kits


Camping first aid kits are special designed for field workers, outdoor enthusiasts,camping exploration, outdoor adventure, it is one kind of personal protective to ensure safety. When people go for camping, they prefer to choose places where are near nature and the scenery is beautiful but the modern facility is not good. camping first aid kitsSo learning about first aid is extremely important if you are a camping lover or a outdoor activities fan. In this special outdoor first aid kit, there are not only common supplies like band aid and wipes, but also some special supplies good for camping survival in it. Let us check them.

  • Venom extractor kit: There are bees, snakes, spiders and other inserts outdoor, this one is a must.
  • Life jacket: Save your life when you are drowning.
  • Lifeline: Use it to fix in subject to save people.
  • Life food: special cookies and special water.
  • Signal tool: Send signals to ask help.
  • Warm pack: Keep you warm in cold environment.
  • Waterproof flashlight:See things more clear in dark environment.
  • Daylight signaling mirror: You can send a signal to the air rescue staff.
  • Rocket parachute signal: available from launch altitude of about 200 meters, to facilitate rescue staff the determine position.

camping first aid kit

Note: When accidents happen, your responsibility is to get time for the patient before the professional ambulance staff coming. So the first thing you need to do is call 911, if there is no signal to call, send signal items to ask for help.

To prepare a First Aid Kit for Camping


Whenever you plan any outdoor activity, you need to keep first Aid kit along with you. No matter where you are going but having it is necessary. If you are planning outdoor activities then you must take camping first aid kit with you for your and your family safety. Injuries from insect or bites of reptile, scrapes and scratches, blister, or other emergency can take place. So for a safe side and to keep yourself protected you should keep camping first aid kit with you.

It depends on your activities that which items must be included in your camping first aid kit. There are several things that are must for every kit. You can keep your important items in fishing tackle boxes which you can easily keep inside your camp.

outdoor first aid

Following are few items that must be included in any camping first aid kit prepared for you and your family members:

  • Assorted adhesive bandages
  • 2xcompressed bandages
  • Gauze pads ( small with 5 packs and large with 5 packs)
  • Scissors
  • Tape for first aid
  • Ointment for antibiotic
  • Antiseptic wipes that should be 5 in quantity
  • Triangular bandages must be 2 pack
  • Different sizes roller bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Cold compress
  • For CPR, you must have breathing barrier
  • Medicines include aspirin
  • Small tube of hydrocortisone
  • Thermometer without mercury or glass
  • Blanket for emergency
  • Latex free gloves pair

Few other things you can also include in your first aid kit that is recommended by outdoor enthusiasts. These are:

  • Tablets that are water purifying
  • Repulsive of bug and insects
  • Calamine lotion
  • Lotions of aloe Vera
  • Eye scrap
  • Smelling salts
  • Drops for eyes
  • Pain killer
  • Butterfly bandages

Other than these you can also include several medicines in your camping first aid kit. These medicines include treating stomachic, headache, cold, fever and cough.

camping first aid kit

As far as the things are concerned, you need to add it in your camping first aid kit according to your activities performed. You may also need small first aid kit if you travelling for activities like bicycle outings, day hikes and more that you can easily keep in your hand carry bag.

You need to maintain your camping first aid kit as you prepare other gear of camping. You should try not to keep half items in it. As it is same like having no benefit of keeping such kit that is not complete. What you need to do is that after travelling from anywhere, maintain your kit so that net time if you plan any trip you can just pick it up and leave without having any tensions of finding things for it. You need to keep those items with you which will be beneficial for you as well as for your whole family who is travelling with you. You need to check the expiry date of your medicines that are kept in your camping first aid kit.

First aid kits for emergency


In case of an emergency, you should keep emergency first aid kit along with you. If you are travelling for wilderness adventure, it can be very interesting but you must be careful at this stage as in excitement you can get any injury or wound. If you’re planning any outdoor adventure, the first thing that you need to keep is you first aid kit for camping.

wildness first aid kit As far as your need you can keep things in your first aid kit. The size and shape does not matter. For instance, gauze, powder for antibacterial, and band-aids are the important things that you need to keep with you if you are travelling with one or two persons. Your first aid kit or emergency preparedness kit also contains in it blanket, water, medicines, radio services, and high calorie items that can help you when needed. These are helpful for your survival in places where such things like things to eat and drink are not easily found. Due to lack of food, weather conditions and other safety issues every year hikers and campers lost in the woods. If during camping any mishap occurs so by the kit you can keep yourself save from any external damage.

You should keep in mind few points that are very important for you when you are traveling away from your home. When embarking on a hike, you need to have a plan tool. You can create harm to yourself if you are in any wooden area; you need to map your route as well so that you can see in it that where are you at the moment.

camping first aid

You need to keep other tips in mind that include to have water in large amount, food and all the necessary things that needed in your first aid kit or preparedness kit for the camping. It can provide you harm if you keep the things in less quantity, keeping things in extra quantity will never harm you and you will be at safe side if any emergency occurs.

You can easily get camping first aid kit from any near store or even online. They are specially prepared for campers and hikers. You should have your individual kit with you so that you do not need to worry during your trip. You should make a list of things that you needed or can need during your trip. You should keep every item in extra quantity so that it can be more helpful for you if any emergency occurs.

first aid kit for camping

Tips for Camping first aid


camping first aid kit For any camper, the main priority should be first aid arrangements. Many people travel to that area that is away from any hospitals and medical stores so for that purpose camping first Aid is very important. You should keep yourself prepared for any situation occurs. When you are not at home many problems occurs like in any camping area you can face snake bites, hiking accidents and more. Necessary precautions are needed.

Camper should follow the following basic tips when planning to go for camping:

To hold first aid kit full of things that is needed
Few items that are compulsory to be placed in your first aid kit are:
Different sizes of bandages should be kept, creams for antiseptic which include Neosporin can be kept, medicines for stomach like Pep to, Ex-Lax, Tums, Tablets that are water purifying, Repulsive of bug and insects, Calamine lotion, Lotions of aloe Vera, Eye scrap, Smelling salts, Drops for eyes, Pain killer and oral thermometer.
If there is any intestinal issue, so the best medicines for stomach should be taken. To remove thorns from wound you should keep tweezers with you. If you placed any bandage or gauze then you will also require knife to cut the bandage. For cleaning the wound occurred, you can use hydrogen peroxide. To prevent infection in a wound after you used bandage, creams for antiseptic are preferred. If you get in contact with any pain that is cause by fire or burn you can apply aloe Vera lotion. You can also keep snakebite kit with you if any emergency occurs. You should also keep aspirin and ibuprofen with you to help you from any headache or soreness. To check any one’s temperature you must have thermometer that is free from mercury or glass.
first aid kit camping No need to fill the whole box: Your camping first aid kit must include basic things. You do not need to bring large quantities of product along with you.  If you face any minor emergency, so it can create problem for you to find the appropriate thing at that time.

Your kit must be modernize: When you are camping, you need to check your camping first aid kit regularly. You need to check you first aid kit before leaving home that whether the things included in your kit are well maintained and are capable to get used or not. You need to check whether the expiry date reached or still you can use that item. You just need to update your first aid kit. Camping first aid is required to keep yourself safe from any eternal damage.

Requirements and importance of a Camping First Aid Kit


camping first aid kitIf you are setting your tent in camp area, suddenly one of your children comes to you and shows his or her finger cut. So what will you do if you do not have emergency first aid kit with you? You just remember it at that stage when you can’t go back to bring it. This is not something strange that many campers and hikers never pack their camping first aid kits with them. Accidents can occur anytime, so for this reason you must have camping first aid kit along with you.

There are many options to either buy camping first aid kit or to make your own camping first aid kit. If you are preparing your own kits so following injuries you should keep in mind so that you can use the treatment accordingly scrapes, sprains, strains, dislocations and breaks of body part, cuts, burns from fire, bites and stings, pain in head and minor problems that include diarrhea etc.

Following is the list of items that you need to keep in your kit of camping.

  • A small bag
  • Small flashlights with batteries that you can keep in your bag
  • If you need help you can keep mirror and whistle
  • For removing ticks you must keep tweezers
  • Wipes dipped in alcohol to clean blood and wound
  • Scissors
  • Gel of aloe Vera for burns and rashes in the skin
  • For minor cuts you can use Neosporin
  • Spray for bug
  • To wash cuts you can use antiseptic
  • Several bandages of different sizes
  • Safety pins for tying bandage
  • First aid booklet
  • For adults and children you can keep Tylenol
  • Eye drops and other drops
  • For reactions of allergy, you can keep Benadryl
  • Tablets that can be chewed and can cure diseases
  • Gloves so that infection cannot grow
  • Kit for bee biting and snake biting that will help you to keep yourself safe.

first aid kit for camping

Prescriptions, inhalers, diabetic materials should also be kept in your camping first aid kit. All these above items are very important to include in your camping kit that can be useful for you in emergency.Keep in your mind before leaving home that you must carry your camping first aid kit along with you.  You should be prepared for any damage that can occur. It is essential when getting out of your home.

10 Important items required in a Camping First Aid Kit


Normally to cover all the basic needs and requirement, first aid kits are made. After you experience camping with your kids you realize that you need more basic items in your camping first aid kit that should be kept in it in order to keep your children safe from danger. You should arrange a camping kit for your children.

Camping First Aid Kit
Following are the items that must be included in your camping first aid kit:

  1. Fabric band-aids in mixed sizes:In outdoor atmosphere, cloth band aids are much easier to use as compared to the vinyl. When wet, they attach properly, the help to heel up quickly and let the damage recover. You should keep extra box if there is more than one child.
  2. Flexible extend dressing wraps:Ace bandages are the famous that are identified. The most common injury that children face during camping is cuts, scrapes, twists and sprains.
  3. Medicines of nausea:It should be kept like Pepto-Bismol. You really need it when children eat too many chocolates and such things.
  4. Oral anti-histamine:If reactions of bee stings are caused, so this oral anti-histamine is helpful. It helps and provides relief from rashes that are painful. You can use Benadryl.
  5. Cream of Hydrocortisone: You can also treat bug bites and bee stings by keeping hydrocortisone cream in your first aid kit. This cream helps to provide relief to the campers so that they can continue their trip without difficulty.
  6. Saline drops:You must also keep eye drops with you as if your eyes burn or gets red so you can use eye drops that can help you to get relief. Best thing is to flush your eye when red or when it is causing irritation. You should not keep red-eye removal drops as these drops are not beneficial and it has astringents that create more burning in your eyes.
  7. ointments that are anti-septic: Neosporin is the best anti-septic ointment which should be kept in first aid kid. It helps to heel the skin that is infected by the cuts.
  8. Cream of Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel or cream is a must item that you should have in your first aid kit to treat burn and other wounds. It works efficiently and is natural cream.
  9. Hydrogen peroxide as an ointment:When your children face any cuts or injury, so the bleeding or the wound needs to be cleaned, for this cleaning purpose you must have hydrogen peroxide with you in your camping first aid kit. This is considered to be better than the wipes of sanitizers. By using this hydrogen peroxide you can also divert your children’s’ mind from feeling pain.
  10. Camping tweezers:You should also keep with you two pairs of camping tweezers that can help you during your camping. This is one of the important things that must be kept in your camping first aid kit.

camping first aid kitThese are the 10 must tips that you need to follow while preparing your camping first aid kit.I do believe by preparing such a kit,danger will stay away from your kids.